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Pretrip course materials to include the following:


Alexander, R. (2003). The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar. New York: Penguin.

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The Yeltsin Legacy and the Challenge of the Future.
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Russian Travel Made Easier: Advice for Friends
ISBN 978-1-4251-6000-5
Russian Travel Made Easier: Advice for Friends is a travel guide and a reference book written by two Russians who have lived in America for the past decade. It is based on the authors personal travel experiences. During their frequent visits home, many of their American friends came along and helped them to discover Russia as the visitors see it. The authors realized that what comes naturally to a native Russian could be a hindrance for tourists. These personal accounts also opened their eyes to the kind of advice that would be the most valuable.

Pretrip Exam: To help you understand Russian history and culture

Online Orientation:
To introduce you to the Russian language and ways to teach English when you don't speak Russian

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In-Person Orientation:
To discuss strategies to reduce culture shock, build teamwork with fellow participants, and make sure you are ready for the adventure

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